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Welcome to Wasabi! I am honored to have you as our guest. Wasabi strives in creating a warm, friendly atmosphere. We are always open to suggestions because our glass is only half way full.


Being the General Manager has shown me there is more than simply overseeing our staff. At Wasabi our primary focus is on providing our guests with a memorable experience centered around three key aspects: 

Service | Atmosphere | Quality.

We believe continually educating our staff is crucial for our success. We strive in not overlooking the details and being able to answer the questions before they are asked. With this said there is always room for growth and we look forward to conquering our daily challenges as a unified team with a clear mission. This is one of my favorite quotes summarizing my perspective on the service industry:

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”
-         William A. Foster

I am married to my lovely wife Brittnee and we are blessed with our beautiful daughter Elly & our mini cockapoo Dolce.


Jesus Delgado-Charles

General Manager


Steve Weng


Meet the Team


We understand that the experience of dining at Wasabi is not limited to the food and atmosphere, but with the dedicated people serving you. Our kind and attentive restaurant team will remind you what it feels like to enjoy a night out filled with delicious food and exceptional service. We take pride in providing a superior one of a kind dining experience.

Possessing a wide range of industry experience, and extensive food & wine knowledge, our front of the house staff will give a strong effort to ensure you enjoy yourself at Wasabi. We serve people the same way we would want to be served.



Phone:  1  903  939  0211

Hours of Operation



11AM - 9:30PM


11AM - 10:30PM
Enjoy Daily Roll & Drink Specials!


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